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NON-ELS Walterboro, SC Police Department Pack

NON-ELS Walterboro, SC Police Department Pack

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Recently I decided to take up a product for a friend of mine who is from Walterboro. If you like different flavors of police car, then look no further than the Walterboro Police Department, before transitioning back to a dedicated police department, WPD was a designated DPS allowing it to run red and blue lights in the state of South Carolina, therefore the older vehicles in the pack run red and blue lights while the newer vehicles run all blues.

Individual cars can be purchased on my Discord:

The ELS version can be found at my page on or



1. Cruise Lights

2. Alley Lights


Mapped lighting

Custom liveries

Custom light pattern

Moveable spotlight and trunk drawer (CVPI)

3. Take Down Lights

12. Othrin Logo

Picture credit: @fpis.buffalo on instagram

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