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NON-ELS Code 3 MX7000 Rotator Pack

NON-ELS Code 3 MX7000 Rotator Pack

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This pack consists of older style police vehicles equipped with the MX7000 rotating lightbar. The vehicles from the 90s include a steady burn red spot lamp and round halogen bulbs for rear lighting while the vehicles from the early 2000s include a Raider custom rear deck bar and a steady burn lamp incorporated into the top light bar. There are several extras included in each vehicle for customizability. All vehicles also ship with a police, sheriff, and highway patrol livery.

*Note all updates for this pack will be free* 

An email with the update attachment will be sent as soon as one is out.


    Extras -

    1. Rear Lighting
    2. Antenna 1
    3. Antenna 2
    4. Handcuffs
    5. Push Bumper
    6. Hat
    7. Setina PB-5 Wrap
    8.  N/A
    9. ALPR
    10. Spotlights (Down)
    11. Spotlights (Up, moveable)
    12. Spotlights (Red Steady Burn)


    • Multiple liveries
    • Moveable spotlights
    • California spec lighting
    • Toggleable extras
    • Extra lighting options
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