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Othrin's Development LLC

NON-ELS 2013 Police SUV with Whelen Edge

NON-ELS 2013 Police SUV with Whelen Edge

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We are very excited to announce another release here at Othrin Development LLC. I bring to you a SUV featuring the Edge strobe bar. This will fit perfectly in any retro pack or people seeking to put an older twist on their modern fleets. This car comes with red and blue lighting and all blue lighting for a solution to any lighting color needs. 

Extra 1 - XLP Visor Light

Extra 2 - Pushbumper

Extra 4 - Spotlights in the down position

Extra 5 - Spotlights in the up position

Extra 6 - Edge Lightbar

Extra 7 - Ions

Extra 8 - 4 Inch Round LED

Extra 9 - Inner Edge EST

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